Still chained …

(Excerpts from „Discover yourself … consciousness speaks“)
You’re always chained yet been fixed.

Your idea of you as a person with all their wishes and Ssarch is tightly bound to the past and expected their liberation from the future.
Show me the past. Where is she? Can you hold the past? Have you hidden the past in a box?
And the future? Where is she? Give it to me when you have it. Or you have it packed in a cardboard box?

These things do not exist. They exist only as ideas, as images, as ideas, as memories and concepts and you bind yourself to them because you have a picture, an idea from you created as a person, as a body … and now?

You’ll dominated by this misleading belief you are a person, body, mind … dominated by the belief in birth and death … prevented all this that you realize who or what you are.
Just as a person … only by your imagination that you are this person, the name … You are bound by all these beliefs and conditionings.

If you have learned as a baby that you are this body that establishes all your knowledge on this false assumption, „I am this body“.

Self – awareness or self – consciousness is there …

And then comes further knowledge, such as: „I am a girl, a woman“ or „I’m a boy, a man“. But because they have told the child that this body is Paul, Paul believes now that he this body – type.

So start the first „Concept“ to arise, the first ideas of what you are.

Because the I AM is not the body. The I AM is an intuitive knowledge, a feeling, an awareness = consciousness.

You may call it soul or spirit. This feeling of BE.

It is not an object. There is awareness – being. This is the first „something“.

You can not say: „I am not“, because to be able to say that, you need to be. So You ARE.

We have now realized that I AM is not the body and also not one of those idea such as: „. I am a boy and boys wear blue pants“. „I am a girl and girl wearing pink clothes“ Or… Or…. “ My parents are this or that … “ or “ I am a Muslim, a Christian …. „, then we comprehend the formation of concepts and ideas.

The I AM, which is nothing of all these concepts and ideas, these claims these thinks for itself to be true. And so an identity is formed from all these things that based on the false idea of „this body I am“.

Sometime you feel that you learn and studying, that you think a lot of things or do not believe many things. And in the end you can find out a world in accordance with your personal self and only in agreement with your personal self. According to your conditioning … what you think and believe.

We say „I“ … I think … I believe … I want … I do … I do not accept … I … I … I!
And then I ask you: What exactly is „I“? And maybe you can tell me now respond: „I am aware“. It may not be true for you. But according to our above consideration, it would be a correct conclusion. It may be  only one word for you in this moment…. But give this thing more attention and let it grow …

„I’m Paul“ … What means Paul ? What the hell is Paul? This is just a name, a word. The „I“ is there before the name can appear. The „I am“ give this name a meaning. Without the consciousness of „I am“, the name has no meaning. It is the „I AM“, which assumes a name.
You can change your name, you can change what you think. Religion, your country, your ideas, your car.

But something in us … something very fundamental is unchanged. We want to find out what THAT is … That which is unchanging, always in you … form and timeless.


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